please help!!!

If you see an Asian girl around 171cm tall with short platinum blonde hair, please contact the authorities. She’s a sister, a student, a daughter. She’s my best friend. And she’s missing.

I’m extremely worried, as I don’t think this is like her at all. This isn’t like her to suddenly disappear without warning. I’ve known her since elementary school, and we’ve gone through a lot together through our many years. We have a very close friendship, even though we live in different cities for our university studies. It’s in our normal routine to contact each other regularly, and for both of us, it’s abnormal to go without contact for more than two or three days. The last time she replied to my messages was on October 23rd in the very early morning. I keep checking the messaging app we use, but it isn’t showing that she has seen any of them, regardless of how many messages I send. I’ve been checking another social media app that we both use regularly, but she hasn’t reposted or liked any posts since October 24th.

At this point, I keep imagining every possible thing that could’ve happened to her. If I try to look at this from a logical perspective, she could just be temporarily MIA. She’s been through a lot of trauma in the past and it’s really had a significant negative impact on her mental health. I think she was feeling better at the start of the school year, and she mentioned that she was looking forward to working on her final project. I guess that the only thing different would be that at the start of the school year, she was talking more about some abstract concepts? We had a pretty lengthy discussion on what art is and the fact that it’s actually an extension of the person who created it. Or maybe she went on a trip? Still, it’s already been a month and I don’t think she would disappear for this long without contacting any of us. I wonder if she’s withdrawing from us to work on something, but I also don’t think she would do that without letting us know. I’m terrified because she’s had suicidal ideation before, and… I don’t want to say it in fear that it’s the truth. At the same time, I can’t stop thinking of the other terrible things that could’ve happened to her in the big city that she lives in. Please, we need to find her.

It’s just been really rough these past few weeks and I’m feeling so lost and confused. I’ve been regularly asking for updates from her sister, since she tried contacting the authorities and they’re working on finding her, but I can’t help but think that it’s taking too long. I feel absolutely useless. I keep crying sporadically, even though I know that’s not going to bring her back. I’ve been trying to contact her friends that she met in university and her family, but no one has answers. Sorry, but I really don’t think I can give an accurate assessment of the situation. I can’t be objective and just look at the facts. I can’t stop crying as soon as I’m reminded of her again. Even now, it’s been emotionally overwhelming to be sharing this. Sorry if you couldn’t understand anything I said because of that.

Please come home, my friend. I miss you.